Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly Trip

Here is what I purchased this weekend:

I went to Publix for the basics. The best deals there were the Publix saltines, the penny item, and the Wall-E cup and plate both were $o.50 a piece. As of right now I'm going to give them to my nephew for his birthday. My total was $30.68. Store coupons $2.42. Vendor coupons $3.50. Advertised Special Savings $14.07. Advantage Buy Savings $0.07. In-Store Special Savings $6.28.

We also went to Bruno's that had special coupons in the paper this week. The Bryan Cocktail Sausages were on sale for $1.99 and the Fresh Express was $1.39. Couldn't beat those prices.

This weekend I traveled to visit my family. While I was there I went to CVS to get a few deals. Their CVS had a lot of Christmas items left and it was 90% off. I picked up a few more Christmas balls for my work Christmas tree. I spent a little over $11.00, but a lady at work will pay me for the SoyJoy bars. After I receive her reimburstment I will be under my $5.00 mark.

I wanted to share with you a cute little dish that my aunt gave me this weekend. She also gave me a bag of what are in my opinion the best potato chips. Hartley Potato Chips Bar B Q chips are just wonderful. As you can see Bo and I opened the bag and dived in and started to eat them as soon as we got them.

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