Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Weekend Savings

Okay my weekly goal is not to spend more than $60.00 OOP. So this what a I purchased.

I went to three different grocery stores not including CVS.

This is what I got at Publix. I ended up spending $28.38. I had $2.70 in vendor coupons, $8.78 in store coupons, $20.66 in advertised special savings, and $o.39 in-store special savings. My total savings was $32.53.

At Bruno's I only wanted to pick up some meat that was on sale. I spent a total of $11.25 there with a total savings of $2.88.

At Winn-Dixie I had $30.00 in gift cards so I didn't count towards my OOP expenses. Not counting my gift card I spent a total of $9.84.
My total spent at the grocery store was $49.28.
I also wanted to share a picture of Bo and I on our trip this past weekend. My husband and I had a lovely dinner at Brennan's on New Years. Bo's cousin made the reservations and we joined him and his wife for dinner. It was a great weekend and the first time I have been to New Orleans since Katrina. Bo and I actually went to New Orleans two months before Katrina. It still isn't completely back, and you can still see destruction from the hurricanes including Katrina and the ones following it.

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