Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Update

First off it snowed today, which in south Alabama is a big deal.
Bo and I visited Goody's Clothing going out of business sale. While we were there they marked down all of there items to a dollar. I found 9 items that I really liked. I won't feel bad if I only wear them once or twice at that price.

I also went to CVS. I had to get some real medical stuff, but while there I found these bathrobes that someone on Hot Coupon World mentioned they were ringing up at 90% off. Man, what a deal a bathrobes for $1.49. The cream one is going to my mother who always wears a bathrobe. I think the pink one will be part of a gift.

We also visited Winn-Dixie. This weeks managers special was pork tenderloin. They were a little over $7.00 and a little over $6.00 a piece. What deals they have on Friday night? Who knew that grocery shopping would become part of our night out?

Also our Circuit City has 8 days left so Bo and I plan to make several trips there this week. We have our eye on a few things.

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